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Remember the wonderful rendition

We fondly remember the wonderful rendition which you gave by playing the Cello in our Marriage Reception held last year at the India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, New Delhi. The choice of songs played on the Cello and the deftness… Read more “Remember the wonderful rendition”

Rajnish Goyal

Listening to Jogi and his band

Listening to Jogi and his band was totally mesmerizing. His team took all of us to a different world with melodious, heart-stirring music. Totally loved your performance- Retronance!

Upendra Dayal

Soulful Music by Retronance

Soulful Music by Retronance is an event I simply adored! First time in my life, I loved to be a silent witness to heavenly music played in front of me. Kudos!

Ritika Dhawan

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