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Music is the expression of soul- the instrument just plays it aloud!
…SAXOJOGI (the Hermit)

Retronance is a professional, musical instrumental band based in India, led by renowned artist Jogindar aka Jogi- a well-known Cellist and sax player. Retronance is a totally unplugged, best instrumental setup. The top retro band plays live retro, classical, contemporary and jazz but playing famous Bollywood Retro music is their forte. The live band has a vast repertoire of best Bollywood, Jazz, and classic songs for music concerts, corporate events. Each of these songs imparts a soothing experience on the minds of the audiences which makes them feel relaxed and rejuvenated.

There are hardly any bands in India, which possess the skillset that they do. Their audience describe their performances as a subtle dose of melody, relaxation and soothing energy. It is an amazing experience to see them perform with such a diverse set of instruments. They have played at many jam-packed auditoriums. People across all age groups love their performances. “For them it’s only about music, music and music alone! There is nothing more joyful than hearing a symphony of melodious tunes.”

RETROnance unfolds the beautiful and melodious journey of Jogi, some most beautiful memories and retro melodies, Bollywood hits- all at one place. Go ahead and download some of the most amazing Saxaphone ringtones for free! That’s not all! Explore blog section for latest updates and my thoughts and discoveries on music. And last but not least you can now hire Retronance band  for a special, musical delight for your loved ones.


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