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we all love Retro music

Why we all love Retro music?

In his book “Retromania,” the British-born rock critic and music collector Simon Reynolds highlights that there’s never “been a society so obsessed with the cultural artifacts of its own immediate past” as ours. So, why do we all love retro…

romantic image

The best Love Songs

The best Love Songs from Bollywood, played on Cello Music is the language that heart understands, brain responds to, and soul retains FOREVER. If you are missing that special someone in your life, just check our Romantic Bollywood Retro songs…


Here comes the only Retro band in India

Retro, Classical, Contemporary and Jazz …playing one and all! For all those music lovers out there, who know the soothing impact of music and how it can heal the wounded souls, here’s good news! Retronance – the band with retro…

Jogi Cello & Piano

Hello Music Lovers

Music is the journey of soul in the direction of peace and serenity. Blessed are those, who can make this journey beautiful by touching the strings of music lovers. Jogi aka Joginder Pal Sharma is a famous cello and saxophone…

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