Here’s how to find the best band for corporate event


Music can make or break a corporate event! So any event planner with the slightest understanding of music knows that a lot goes into planning a successful corporate event. How would you feel if you see entire crowd enjoying and singing along to their favorite songs?

Here are few tips that really work if you want to find the best musical band in India for your corporate event:

  1. Know your audience.
    As an event planner, you must take into account the age range of your audience and the type of industry the event is being organized for. If you represent a creative industry that has a younger clientele, you may want to go for jittery musical band, whereas a mature audience might prefer a retro cover band playing hits from the retro era of ’70s and ’80s.

2. Consider your event type
Though corporate events require the presence of a band with at least 11 instruments played together, you can consider having a solo pianist, cellist or saxophone player for the cocktail hour. If you want to close the event with dancing, you must opt for a big band with great reputation. It makes sense to have a superior commercial cover band engaged for your corporate event that has experience and expertise in covering popular Bollywood songs.

3. Work within your Budget
While planning your corporate event, you must ensure that the retro band that you choose addresses the needs of the event, including its budget. If it requires dancing, you must ensure that the band can play lots of dance songs and energetic numbers. Hiring a big band might look enticing, but if you have limited budget, you can opt for a three-piece acoustic group too.

  1. Prefer a band that is willing to work with you
    When selecting a musical band for your corporate event, look for a band, which is dependable, wants to work with you, and can commit to achieve the goals of your event. This would be the band that you must hire.

Other than the tips listed above, you must also be ready to experiment and look for a band that knows the love of audience for Bollywood numbers, classical and jazz. The band must have the diversity that you may prefer for long-term for different types of events. Meet the people in person and try to understand how band members interact with audience.


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