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Jogi Cello & Piano

Music is the journey of soul in the direction of peace and serenity. Blessed are those, who can make this journey beautiful by touching the strings of music lovers. Jogi aka Joginder Pal Sharma is a famous cello and saxophone player and music composer, who has been blessed to master the unique combination of saxophone and cello- perhaps the only such music composer in India. And that’s not all!

He is a multi-instrumentalist who plays various instruments such as Indian and Western Flute, Mandolin, Guitar, Israj, Clarinet too.

This website is dedicated to his remarkable journey as an artist and a beautiful tribute to Indian and classical art. Jogi has tremendous passion and romantic energy and has come up with some of the most amazing cello tunes and engaging works. Go and explore Bollywood Hits section Saxography sections of the website and witness the charm and magnificence of musical wonders created by Jogi.


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