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Enjoy the popular song cover by Retronance Band. His own style.


Les Feuilles Mortes (literally “The Dead Leaves“) is a popular French song originally recorded in 1945. It is known in English as “Autumn Leaves“.

The song was composed by Joseph Kosma with lyrics by French poet Jacques Prévert. It was featured for the first time in the movie “Les Portes de la Nuit” (1946) starring Yves Montand. However, the first recorded by Cora Vaucaire just before the release of the film.


The English version of “Les Feuilles Mortes” was written by American song writer Johnny Mercer in 1947 under the title “Autumn Leaves“. The song was introduced in America by Jo Stafford.

On Christmas’ Eve 1950, Édith Piaf sang the French and the English version of the song on the radio programme The Big Show.

It gives its name to a Hollywood movie in 1956 starring Joan Crawford. Nat King Cole sang “Autumn Leaves” in the title sequence of the film.

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